How Can I Write Application For Duplicate Sim Card?


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This process is really simple and shouldn't involve you having to write an application. Instead, you should simply have to go to the store. The store will be able to help you a lot.

  • What to do

First off, gather your phone and any other relevant documents and take your sim card as well. If you can get to the store that you bought your phone from, then that would probably help. Simply go to the store and ask a member of staff for a chat about your sim card. They'll probably guide you to the right member of staff and offer you a seat. At this point, all you need to do is explain the issue that you've been having. There are two scenarios that might be possible - you may have lost your sim card, or you may just want another with the same number. So explain the issue. It should be pretty simple for the staff to arrange a new card for you. They will be able to sell you a new card, but some of them may offer you it for free. It's pretty simple for them to arrange for the card to have the same number as your current card.

  • What will be the outcome of your request?

They may not be quite as lenient if you have your sim card still, though. There seems to be little point to getting a new sim card with the same number if you already have the card. They may offer to sell you one but they may just refuse. So if you really do want another card then it may just be an idea to tell the member of staff that you have lost your sim card, and simply not show them the card. This way, they'll be able to arrange the card for you for sure.

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