Does Sperm Die When It Hits Water?


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Sperm will die pretty quickly once exposed to the outside world.  So yeah, water will kill them off, but not necessarily if you have not pulled out yet.
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You're correct in that water can lead to sperm death, because it causes them to swell and disintigrate after time. However, this can take several minutes to hours, and pregnancy is still a possibility.  And even if one is lucky enough to wash away some sperm after unprotected sex, there is a chance of pregnancy; each ejaculation contains an average of 40,000,000 sperm, which can live up to several hours outside of the body (and as long as 7 days after ejaculation), and only one sperm is needed to achieve conception. 
The degree of chance of pregnancy will vary according to the point of the menses the female is, the sperm count and motility, and the age and health of both parties.

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