Can I Get A Cna License In Colorado With A Felony?


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The policy concerning certified nursing assistants with a felony depends on how serious your offense was and when it was committed. You may not find that getting the CNA license itself is an issue - instead, the problem will be finding a medical center that would be comfortable in employing you. There are CNAs who have had a felony before working across Colorado’s healthcare infrastructure, and it is believed that treatment clinics coordinated by the state itself may be more forgiving towards previous felons.

It’s important to note that the circumstances may be different if you are charged with a felony after securing your CNA license. As any existing certified nursing assistant will know, renewing your license is needed by law, and such a change in your personal background may alter the decision-making process of your suitability to work in nursing.

If you want to know what your employability prospects are, you should contact the Human Resources departments for some of the leading institutions in Colorado who have openings for CNAs. Anonymously, you will be able to ask if CNAs with previous felony charges would be considered for a position, and if so, if there would be any additional checks that needed to be processed.

Currently studying for that CNA license? Try to find out where you stand with the authorities. The last thing you want is to obtain a qualification which can’t be used in the workplace because of your criminal background. Good luck, and be patient as you review your options!
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You can get the license but it would be hard to work in a medical field any where with a felony.
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Personally I don't know. Do you have a lawyer? I think you should first ask him. Also try to search information about this in internet. I can share contacts of medical licensing services, maybe they will help you  to solve this question. Good luck!

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