Draw A Place Value Chart Up To Hundred Million? 5-digit Number Which Has 8 In The Thousand


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A five digit number that has an eight in the thousand place is: 18,456. This is actually depicting the number, eighteen thousand, four hundred and fifty six. Another example is, 38,528, which is thirty eight thousand, five hundred and twenty eight.

Place value up to a hundred million is as follows:

Billion; hundred millions; ten millions; millions; hundred thousands; ten thousands; thousands; hundreds; tens; ones (decimal point is placed here); tenths; hundredths; then thousandths; hundred thousands; ten millionths.

An example of this is: 4,695,269,236.4589631.

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Numbers are mathematical objects and are used in a vast variety of ways including measuring and counting. When written, each number has a notational symbol that can be recognized by the majority of people and is called a numeral.

Practically, though, numbers can mean many different things depending upon the context in which they are used and can even be abstract. The study of numbers and their definitions has long fascinated many scholars and their usage has developed over the years. They can include negative numbers, complex numbers; rational and irrational numbers.

Numbers can also be used to classify particular objects. For instance the publishing world use ISBNs, which are the identifying numbers used to catalog and identify books, and these will change according to a particular publication of the same title.

Telephone numbers are another use for numbers; it is far easier to allocate a phone with a number than with a word because the permutations are infinite and so unique to each phone.

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