When We Eat Soup Do We Wee Or Poo It Out?


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If it is broth you pee it out if it is stew you know what you doo doo.
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We do both... It's a strange question! Please answer mine!
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Oh my god, what a stupid question!
When we eat food they are broken down my enzymes and then anything useful is absorbed into the blood in the intestines. Anything we do not need is gotten rid of (in feces). We DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT.. Do both. We do have nutrients in our blood obviously and urine is basically filtered blood. Any nutrients in the soup will be reabsorbed into the blood in the kidneys in a normal person and so therefore we 'poo it out' we DO NOT DO BOTH.
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Pee comes from the kidneys.  The kidneys clean the blood.

Poo comes from the intestines.  The intestines put food into the blood.  Poo is the food the intestines could not put into the blood.

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I ate the poopies, then pee it out

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