How To Make A 3D Water Cycle Project?


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What I have as a vision for the water cycle is a sea on one side and a mountain on the other side (with a lake in it), a river flowing in between and clouds on top.

You Could use Sponge for making the clouds (I Guess dip it in white paint to make it look white) and maybe have it slanting toward the mountain. You could pour water on the sponge and it could drip like rain.

For rivers you could use transparent plastic tubes which can show water flowing down.. You could have a funnel from the lake to channel the water into the river.

The rest can be a representative set-up to depict a water cycle.Maybe have a blue background to it all with labels for each.

I hope you want to build an actual model of this and hence these ideas. Though not very innovative I hope these could help you make one.

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