What Would Be A Good Topic Sentence For Oil And Gas Prices?


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Petroleum costs are continuing to rise.
I am not sure exactly what you need but I hope this helps my friend.♥
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It depends what you need it for? If its an introduction paragraph start with something like a fact "This year oil prices have grown 12% due to..." (Not true fact, just an example). Or you could start with a quote. Just NEVER start with "I think Oil is becoming..." that's got a bad grade or w/e written all over it. But it would help if you said what kind of paper it is, and what the main topic is.
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I need it for an expository essay and my topic is why is gas and oil prices so high. See I don't know were to start on a topic sentences. Plus I have to have three subtopics sentences too but I don't know how to do it because this is all new to me and it is driving me grazy. so if you can help i sure would thank you for it.
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Your 1st paragraph should start like I said with a fact or something. Each of you 3 body paragraphs should be about 1 smaller part (EXAMPLE: your papers on oil, 1 body paragraph could be on the rising price. 2nd paragraph could be where its going for the future. 3rd could be how it affects the consumer) then your conclusion paragraph, which just sums up your paper. Try starting with the 3 body paragraphs then write the introductory it makes it easier. You probably already know this but if you use a book, or the internet remember to cite it. Hope this helps.
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U.S. Economy Clipped by Oil Hedge Funds
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Why have oil stock prices lagged way behind the increase in the price of oil and the price of gasoline and the record profits of oil companies?
This one was brought up by Sen Joe Biden on Meet the Press.
Oil companies are clamoring for rights to drill offshore.  Biden says they already have approval to drill 30,000,000 acres off-shore and they haven't touched any of it. 
He says they are really trying to get relief from environmental regulations before a new administration moves in.  I am just quoting him-I can't attest to the facts.

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