In This Paragraph, A White Puddle Is A Simile For A. Mist. C. Fear. B. Grass. D. Snow?


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This question is simply too vague to be able to answer accurately. It sounds like you have taken the text from an exam paper or college task and without having the text to read it is not possible to answer this riddle. However, some web research does bring up a poem which is used in some English exam papers which does sound similar.

"Except for a few pigeons, Central Park was deserted. Mist hung above the chilled grass. Patches of old snow, scattered here and there, looked like white puddles. The sun hung just above the horizon, casting red and orange streaks across low-hanging clouds. The portly, gray-haired gentleman jogging down the path looked out of place. For one thing, he was dressed in ordinary street clothes, not a sweat suit. Also, every few seconds, he looked anxiously back over his shoulder. Coming closer to me, I saw that his face was flushed. He was panting, almost gasping. Abruptly, looking this way and that, he moved behind a tree. Seeming not to notice my presence, he stood with his back against the
trunk, panting heavily. After a moment, he poked his head out to survey the path. It was still empty, except for a squirrel that dashed across the path like a furry dart. I checked my watch. It was now 7:30. Mentally marking the time, I aimed my camera toward the man's face".

Now after reading this, the answer would appear to be snow, as stated in the second sentence it claims that old patches of snow looked like white puddles. Though it is not clear where the description of a simile comes from it would seem snow is the answer.
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A mist

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