What Happens After The Egg Cell Is Fertilized By The Sperm?


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The fertilization of egg take place inside the fallopian tubes. This fertilized ovum has small leg called chorion. With the help of this, it travel towards the uterus. It penetrate this chorion in to the uterus and this condition is called implantation. The girl will mis her periods and she can feel some breast tenderness, restlessness, more hunger and fullness. This is the time to get pregnancy test.
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The fertilizer egg begins to grow. It grows and divides. It forms 2 cells. Then 2 cells divide and form 4 cells and so on. In about 9 months a baby is born. This is how a new human life begins.
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You need to test for pregnancy from the first day of a missed period if still negative test a week later it sometimes can take a while to be concentrated enough in your urine its best to test first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day
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The egg travels down the ovary then in to the thing and plants its self in the lining and wait the pop goes the weasel 9 mouths later
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The restoration of the full number of paired chromosomes (46) is what triggers the fertilised cell to start dividing, into 2, to 4, to 8 and so on.////////////Then whilst dividing it makes a perilous journey down the fallopian tube and into the womb, where hopefully a womb lining has been waiting. It then burrows into this. There is lots more. To think we have ALL been there is awesome!

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