Why Is Marion Richardson Script In Handwriting, Better Than The Others?


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It is thought to be better than others because it is more cursive and less spiky and so looks less disjointed.

  • Who was Marion Richardson?
Marion Richardson, who was born in October 1892, and who died in November 1946, was an English woman and an author, teacher and artist. Her books were workbooks on handwriting and penmanship.

She was born in Ashford in Kent in the United Kingdom and when she was young she would entertain her two sisters with stories once they were in bed and supposed to be sleeping. Very often these stories would go on night after night. Whilst still a child she joined a writing group and used the pen name, 'A Mere Girl'.

In the school holidays her family used to rent a cottage form the writer, Elizabeth Nesbitt, who wrote 'Five Children and It'. Here, Marion would avidly read Ms Nesbitt's book collection.

  • Later life
Once she left school, Marion trained to be a teacher specializing in art under the tutelage of Robert Catterson Smith at the Birmingham Municipal School of Arts and Crafts. He played an influential role in her life, greatly inspiring her later work.

Between 1915 and 1916, Marion published a syllabus for drawing that was similar to what was the then standard, but she soon abandoned these ideas and was soon encouraging her pupils at Dudley Girls High School to produce their own work with little influence from her.

She was happier with her own child centered methods which led to the pupils being more expressive and able to evaluate their own work.

  • Prison work
Marion also taught art in a prison in Birmingham and also in London's Holloway Prison as a volunteer. She died in 1946, just a month short of her 54th birthday.

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