When Is The Closing Date For Sasol Learnership?


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The Sasol learnership closing dates will depend on the type of learnership program you are applying for. It's best to call them directly to inquire the deadline of each type of program available; you can choose from electricians, instrument mechanics, mechanical fitters, welders, riggers, boilermakers, and turners.

• Sasol is a group of businesses that work together to produce a wide variety of products in the fields of chemistry, liquid fuels, gas, and energy. Sasol has high standards in product development and efficiency, as they strive to be a respected global enterprise. To get there, they have developed core values that are synonymous with the brand in its corporate culture, which includes customer focus, winning with people, safety, excellence all throughout, continuous improvement, and integrity. 
• The purpose of each learnership is to provide you with training and development in order to become a qualified artisan based on the standards of the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authorities. Successful candidates of each program are educated with the core skills as well as the applicable safety standards of their industry as well as maintenance in the Sasol plants.
• Each applicant has to include copies of their qualifications along with their curriculum vitae and identification. They must also have completed at least grade 12 with passing grades in math, science and English. An alternative is to provide the N3 certificate stating that they have passed math, science, and English. Applicants with previous experience also puts them at an advantage.
• There are also specific personal attributes that will help make an applicant more advantageous, such as having good communication skills, be a good team player, self motivated, flexible, realistic, and has good English proficiency.

The Sasol learnership program is the most comprehensive and respected means of getting into their family of strong brands, ensuring yourself of a stable career.

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