How Much Does Commercial Pilot Earn?do U Need A Degree To Become Pilot?if Yes Which Degree?


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Hi, without a lot of speech. It depends on the company you will work with (e.g.. I'm an Arabic Pilot work with Al Afriqiyah Airways the salary is: For First Officer "A319, A320, A321 is about 6500 euro monthly", for Captains:is about 8500 euro. About "A300, A330 1-2 thousands more"
But if you work with Fly Emirates, Qatar, Etihad etc.. Simply just the double price with a lot of good things that you'll really enjoy.   "You can be Pilot very quickly but you can't get in that easy".
About the degrees which is required: High School, Medical Sirtificate (1 & 2).
I hope I could cover your quistion as you need, thanks and waiting for you as AT Pilot very soon.
"WeLcOm iN aViAiTiOn WoRlD".
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You have to have to have no felionies, no DUI's, 20/20 vision, and a degree in aviation, there is a couple more things you will need as well but those are the main things that you need to know.
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You need to be fat and old and have no qualifications

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