Should "Home Schooling" Be Permitted?


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Oddman, you're right. Because it's a sensible choice for sensible people.
  Many studies have shown that homeschoolers actually score better on tests such as SAT and the like because they have more initiative and self-control, etc. Homeschooling also allows the student to have more time with his/her family, plus freedom in what he/she chooses to do and what kind of people to associate with. It's quite beneficial to the student in life skills, I think.
  Of course this all also depends on if your teacher in homeschooling is a good one, if you have a positive attitude towards studying, etc.  But in general, even though it doesn't allow for much socializing, it makes the student learn to be friendly to everyone and to go out to find people they get along with.
  I'm homeschooled and I'm not saying it's the best for everyone and the whole world should be homeschooled. I'm just saying that it's a very reasonable choice for those who choose it! :D These are just my thoughts.
  Thanks for listening! =)

~the blurter
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Obviously, yes!! Home Schooling should be permitted. One
should have flexibility in choosing a traditional school or home school based upon the child's and parents interest. In my opinion Home School/ online school is the good option to choose for those children who are not willing to attend the public schools/ traditional schools. Most of the students now-a-days are afraid of going public schools because of many reasons for example: They are afraid of bullying in schools, strict environment, fixed timings, rushing from home to the school which is far away. And the other students who have career in different fields like sports, they want to study by continuing their career
too. So, I mean to say  home schooling should be permitted because nothing is wrong, in that the students who are willing to go for home school option they can go. I have an idea on home schools because my friend’s son is doing his high school in Forest Trail Academy, which is a home school. He is having equal knowledge to my son attending public school. But the only thing should keep in mind -  the child should be interested in studies and parents should check regular reports of the child given by the online school.

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I'm home-schooled! I've done my O'levels at home because I couldn't prepare well at school so I left school. There I had a lot of friends and I couldn't concentrate that much on my studies and also the school way that time was not my studying style and also the school offered very less subjects of O'levels. So I left the school, initially I got a private tutor at my home and after some time I joined an academy. My results were exceptional!

And honestly I got to explore more, and I could really follow my own interests and working independently really worked for me. But it all depends on what the the kid is like....

Homeschooling needs your attention so you could score more! 

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It should be encouraged.
The "society" at home tends to be somewhat more functional than the one found at school--especially middle and high school. The possibilities for exploring the world in a way that is respectful of the child's interests and abilities are much greater.
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Homeschooling is naturally found in midle & high school. It is very respectful for the children. Keep manage it in your life.

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If done PROPERLY, it is a viable solution. 

I have only seen it done well amongst truly devoted parents with a LOT of time on their hands. We are NOT talking just a few hours a week . . . It is literally a full time job without pay.

There needs to be socialization events as well as "Guest Speakers" that can contribute specialized skills . . . All from the local "Home Schooling Community" . . This is a MUST.

The majority of children I have seen home schooled, are not prepared for real world interaction, and this would be an example of Home Schooling incorrectly.

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