How To Calculate Total Cost Per Unit?


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Total cost is the sum of variable and fixed cost. Total cost can be calculated as follows:

Total cost = Direct material cost + direct labor cost + overhead cost + other costs

When the total cost is calculated then after that when it is divided by total number of units produced then it is known as total cost per unit.
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Total cost= VC+FC
Total 30,000 units are to be produced then Total cost per unit will be
Total cost per unit will be 16.
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36 gal in 12 min
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The fixed costs per unit are $10 when a company makes 10,000 units. What are the per unit fixed costs when 12,500 units are produced?
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Um sorry not so sure about this one hahaha : ) I tried my best but I couldnt do it, as it is waaaay to hard. GOSH I need to start learning maths more often : )

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