How To Use A Dictionary?


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Most homes should have a good dictionary, if for nothing else but to settle arguments playing Scrabble.

Dictionaries arrange their text in alphabetical order, with definitions being assembled in groups and derived and related words included under the word chosen as the main entry.

Each main entry in the dictionary is usually also given a simple phonetic re-spelling to assist in pronunciation. Words with more than one syllable also usually have a mark to indicate where the stress lies within the word.

Another thing to note is that separate spellings are only given in sub entries where there is a difference in pronunciation from the main entry word. If you are not sure about how the system of pronunciation marks works, check the key which can normally be found either within the first few pages or at the back of the book.

Good dictionaries will also provide a full list of the abbreviations used within the text, commonly used abbreviations and foreign words and phrases.
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A dictionary is very simple to use. All dictionaries generally have the words in a alphabetical order for example, if you looking for the word 'patient' all you have to do is skip the earlier pages and move to pages that contain words that start with 'p''. Next look for the second word in an alphabetical order, like in the word 'patient' the next alphabet in the order is 'a' so look for 'pa', and keep moving down till you find the word 'Patient'. Some dictionaries may also be in some analogous phonetic order.

The dictionary generally provides you with all the information on a particular word. It gives you pronunciation information; grammatical information; word derivations, histories, or etymologies; illustrations; usage guidance; and examples in phrases or sentences. The famous dictionary known worldwide is the Oxford English Dictionary.

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