How And Why Do We Use Dictionary, Especially In Learning English Language


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Dictionaries and important for a persons learning. Dictionary are used for words or phrases you don't know and you want to know the meaning/s.

It is easy to use a dictionary, just find the first letter of the word you want to know and search for it page by page until you spot the word/s or phrases, and read its meaning ^^
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Dictionary is a simple tool which helps us to pronounce,respell and the grammars we need to collaborate within in a communication...this book gives meaning to those word which cannot be understood or it has another deeper meaning of the given also teaches the reader on the proper syllabication and pronunciation of the also give the reader on how the words in a sentence used .English is the world's official it is important to learn it so that we could communicate with each other
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Dictionary is derived from the word "diction"which means style. You can take help from a dictionary in finding meanings of difficult words of any language.If you want to learn English ,you can learn difficult words from it.This will help you improve your English a lot .If you want to search a word's meaning in a dictionary ,just see the first letter by which that word starts.Then look for the first three letters of that word .In this way ,you will find the meaning of that word.

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