How To Make A Working Model On Water Pollution?


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To make a working model on water pollution, you use real materials to create an accurate presentation. This means you must use actual water, a vessel, and other details to make it look realistic. The goal is to present factual information that your audience can understand by viewing your model. Always analyse your work based on who your audience is. If your audience is younger, try to make your model easy to grasp. Older audiences can understand more complicated information.

The first thing to start with is a vessel. The type of vessel you use will depend on what body of water you are trying to model. For example, don’t use a bowl to depict a river. When you add water, remember to make the water look polluted in the correct way. If you want to depict chemical spills, use food colouring or food items to discolour the water. If you are trying to depict dumping or littering, use objects such as clean rubbish from your house to place into the water. You could even use empty packages of medication to depict polluted water. Never use actual polluted water. It could be unsafe and put you and your audience at risk for illness.

Finally make sure the source of the pollution is depicted in your model. If it is an oil spill, make an oil company near the body of water. If it is people, perhaps use dolls or action figures throwing stuff into the water. If you are trying to show what the pollution does to the environment, try using models of animals or people suffering because of the situation. Feel free to artistically render the environment to make it look realistic. As you are making it, always judge from the perspective of your audience. Ask yourself, "If I wasn’t creating this, would I understand what it means?”
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Maybe you firstly should design to deal with a pollution direction, and then design a reactor, the final is  testing.
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Very easy  take water and pollute it.
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First you should know the polluting condition of the water, then know about the polluting material , at last choose the wording model.

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