How To Make A Working Model On Green Energy?


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One form of green energy is that produced by wind turbines and it is quite easy to make a model of one of these, which can be used as a visual aid for learning about wind power, or as a -D diagram, for the same purpose.

The first thing that you need to do is to drill a quarter-inch hole through a two-by-two block of wood, then glue a one inch diameter wooden cone to a two and a half inch long, quarter inch diameter screw. The next thing to do is to drill three 1/16-inch holes, evenly spaced, into the side of the cone, making sure that you only drill a half inch into the cone.

The blades for the turbine should be cut from a sheet of polystyrene, and should be six inches long, one inch wide, and have a one inch long and 1/16-inch wide rectangular tip. It might be wise to wear goggles when you are cutting so that there is no risk of getting any pieces in your eyes. Use superglue on the rectangular tips and place the blades into the holes in the cone. Put the screw into the drilled hole in the cone and keep the blades in place by using a nut.

You then need to superglue the wooden cube to the top of a 12 inch long piece (two inch diameter) of PVC tubing. Once this has dried (usually about an hour), glue the base of the PVC tube to a three-by-three wooden block. You can then paint the whole thing with white acrylic paint and leave to dry.

To make your model wind turbine even more realistic, you can set it onto some green felt or greengrocer’s grass and complete your diorama with model people and/or animals.

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