What Was Simon Bolivar's Goal For Latin America?


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Simon Bolivar's goal for Latin America, was the independence of Latin America from Spanish rule. His dream was freedom of all races in America, but felt that the federation at the time was inflexible.

He was successful in promoting change in the American states. He successfully achieved his goal of sovereignty of five states: Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia. 

His success was largely based on his open minded vision. He used previously successful models in order to implement and expand his own vision. 

When he was younger, he had spent a lot of his time travelling around Europe and becoming privy to aspirations of the French revolution. These were the frameworks for the modality of his upcoming political goals, and he used them towards the declaration of Latin American independence.

He is, to this day, considered to be one of the most influential politicians of the Americas, of all time. He will always be remembered for playing a key role in the successful Latin American struggle for independence against the Spanish Empire.

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