Which Learnerships Are Available Under Security/correctional Services?


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If you want to join a learnership program for the security/correctional services (or any industry really), then you should get in touch with the governmental departments running this service.

So, in short it will depend on your location.
As far as a I'm aware, this 'fast track' to employment is very popular in South Africa where the government has invested heavily in  this scheme.
In South Africa, the specific certificate you need to acquire to join this field is the FET Certificate in Corrections Services Learnership in DCS
There are some requirement criteria you need to meet first:
  • You have to be a registered South African citizen
  • Education wise, you need to have completed Standard 10/Grade 12 Certificate - or...
  • Completed a Further Education and Training Certificate NQF (at least Level 4) - or...
  • Achieved a National Certificate in Vocational Studies (NQF again Level 4)
Some other requirements
  • Be between 21-35 years of age to qualify
  • Clean criminal record
  • Be upstanding and morally virtuous, as well as strong minded and spirited
And the following blog is also very interesting:

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