Where Do I Go To Apply For Learnerships?


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Assuming this is a question about working in South Africa, the first place to go is the Department of Labour Online. This will give you all of the information and contact details you require.

A learnership is a learning programme which combines both classroom-based training and on-the-job learning. They are available for anyone aged 16 to 60 and people in all sorts of occupations.

If you complete the learnership programme successfully, you will receive a nationally recognised occupational qualification. A learnership is a three party agreement, signed by the employer, training provider and the learner.

You can apply for a learnership if you  are already working as long as your employer offers the service. Be sure to check what would be required of you as some places will let you study in their time and others require you to be in the classroom on evenings and weekends.
If your employer does not currently run any learnerships then you should encourage them to look at the website because there are financial rewards for businesses who get involved.

If you are currently unemployed, the most important thing is to pick the correct field before you apply. Identify a learnership that fits with your chosen career path. Then you must use the website to find the appropriate departments who can recommend providers.
It’s an intensive application process so make sure your CV is up-to-date before you start making your calls.
Be ready for your interview too; think of the questions you may be asked and practice with a friend.
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Learnership is also known as Internship. In which you also get stypind in some cases. You will be attached by some employees for 2 and half months. You will have to notice what type of work they are doing and how they do their work. It is kind of experience of practical life. Internship or learnership opens in Summer Holidays only. To apply for learnership you have to make your resume and you need one recommendation letter by you college or university that He/She is willing to do learnership and it is required for his/her studies.

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