Where Do I Register Or Apply For I.T. Learnership In Johannesburg, South Africa?


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IT Learnership programs are available for graduates in South Africa. Listings for such positions can be found on the following websites:
The Careers Portal,
Career Jet,
Job is Job.

These listings are a follow up Learnership. Below is an explanation as to the traditional Learnership programs that take place. These are similar, but rather than occurring before university they occur after requiring the skills gained to pursue this course of education and training development.

  • What is Learnership?
Learnership is also commonly known as Matric Learnership, or Matriculation. It is common in South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many other countries. In these countries - bar Malaysia - it is a process of educational accomplishment. It is the completion of high school study and subsequent graduation once exams have been passed. The end result is certification that allows entry into universities within South Africa.

The certificate does count in many other countries as an acceptable requisite for university entry.

  • How do you gain this certificate?
South African schools have leaving exams at the end of Grade 12 called 'Matric exams'. If the student passes they gain their SCEs,( Senior Certificate Examinations). The student will additionally gain a National Senior Certificate for completing their education, and this certificate counts as the minimum entry level for South African universities.
In the case of post-graduate Learnership there often is a certificate but this isn't always the case.

  • What about pursuing Matriculation abroad?
All courses, schools and colleges, and national rules are different. Studying abroad is a complicated process with regards visa permits, school transfer eligibility, financial support and the benefits of the study. If you are looking to study abroad you should consult the school of choice's website, as well as look at that country's visa requirements.
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I want to find places where I can register for I.T. Learnerships in city of Johannesburg in South Africa.
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I'm at alexandra & I have A+ & N+,I am pasioned to be IT tech in the country & to take level of IT to the high level.my number is 0764597035
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Telcom or IBM.
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Application form for it
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I'm 27 years I have n6 in business management where can I get a learnership plz help my number is 0836001001

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