How Environmental Factors May Affect The Learning Process And How They Should Be Adjusted For Different Activities Or For Pupils With Sensory Or Physical Impairment?


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Environmental factors are very important when it comes to ensuring that children can learn and can succeed when they are studying; however there are some factors which may be affecting different learning processes such as the different areas where people are learning and the quality of the environment. The environment that pupils with sensory or physical impairment learn in can easily be adjusted by ensuring that there are different displays and surroundings for them to see and enjoy.

• Colors

If there are going to be dull colors within the environment then you are going to find that the process of learning is going to be lacking. Children and students are not going to want to learn in a grey room that has nothing about it. You will have to ensure that they are going to have bright colors with much information to ensure that they are going to be able to understand and remember them.

• Textures

This is going to be great for the students which are going to have sensory or physical impairment. They are going to be able to become involved within the environment when they are learning about the information which is around them. This is also going to make it as fun as possible to ensure that they are going to find it interesting.

• Models

It is also going to be a good idea to sure that the environment is interesting with different models of what the students are going to be learning about. This is going to make it memorable when they are learning.

It is easy to see how important the different environmental factors are when it comes to learning. It is all about understanding what the different pupils are going to need and what it is that they are going to want to see and feel when they are learning.

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