How Can You Define The Factors Influencing Learning?


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Internal factors:
There are six internal factors.

Age can influence upon the capability of learning a child cam not learn the things what elders can learn and an aged person will have difficulty to learn modern ways of knowledge. Internal factors influence learning as ell ad external one. Internal factors are also called subjective factors influence in learning.

Intelligence effects very much on learning, if subject/ individual has maximum level of intelligence he can learn more and easily at maximum level.

Attention is also very important factor which influence on learning, of a person does not pay attention towards how to learn a specific knowledge, skill or experience, he can not learn easily bur if the individual pays attention the results are vise versa.

Subject has intelligence and can also pay attention towards learning but he does not have interest in how to learn a specific knowledge, skill or experience, level or process of learning would be very slow.

Mental & physical health:
Learning also depends upon mental and physical health of the individual or subject, if an individual does not have mental health or physical one, the subject can fulfill the demands of the process of learning due to his weak mental and physical capabilities.

If an individual is tired, he cannot pay full attention towards learn something.

External factors:
There are six external factors.

Nature of knowledge:
If knowledge is interesting in nature, any individual can learn it more efficiently.

Recitation is more effective tool of learning, if an individual recite something louder he can learn more effectively.

Meaning fullness:
If the material of knowledge is meaning full, the individual will learn it more effectively and easily, meaning less material nether can be learnt easily nor kept in memory on long term basis.

Exercise & repetition:
Single act is learnt in single trial but complex acts require repeated trails. If a material is difficult to learn it can be learnt through exercises or repeated trials.

By parts learning:
If the material is so long it can be divided into small parts, so individual can learn specific knowledge, skill etc more effectively.

Reward and punishment:
The presence or absence of reward can affect learning, generally, reward is more effective in promoting learning than is punishment, the latter does have some effects on learning, it tends to repress a desired response then to extinguish it.
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I think sociological factors like child background,their personal interest,their economic condition affect on learning
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Learning is not all about gaining something by the teachers or trainings but it can be the things that we learn from our everyday life experiences. It is better to learn from others experiences then to tolerate tough things yourself. Learning is not a single step process. It takes by and by processes to shape itself. Learning something is like keeping it in mind forever, it is not like remembering but to considering it the way it is and the way it can be.
There are many factors which have direct and indirect impacts upon the process of learning. They may be internal or external, attitudinal or aptitude concerned, physiological or histological, general or specific, environmental or non-environmental, social or non-social, professional or personal. It is up to the interaction of a person to the things around him/her. Environmental factors can be of various types like a person's daily routine, activities, people around him/her, etc. Non-environmental can be the general factors that are not concerned with the environs around a person. Physiological ones are like his/her functions that he/she uses to perform in his/her daily life. Histological are all about his/her outlook and expressions that make him/her to look like what he/she is. Internal ones are all about his/her internal thoughts and way of behaviours that he/she has to hide or show at times before others. External ones are all those factors which are to be imposed on him/her from outside milieus. Attitude is about the way he shows himself to others and it is the way of his/her behaviour. Aptitude is about his talent and ability to display him and to absorb things. Social factors are the factors which are impacting on him from the prevailing society. Non-social are all of the factors excluded from the social factors category. Professional are all those which are career concerned. Personal ones have the concern with private affairs of a person.
All of the factors if treating in positive manner will give an impetus to the learning process of individuals while have a negative impact on learning process if acting in a negative manner.
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State five environmental factors and list how each effects process of learning
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There are so many factors influencing learning. Some are related to the curriculum, the teachers, the learners themselves, the community and parents and the eduction system itself.
The curriculum- is the curriculum tailor-made to learners' needs. Is what in the curriculum what learners want to learn? Is it appropriate to their level.
The teachers- this factor is broad. One is the teacher's knowledge, both pedagogical and content. Is the teacher conversant with what he/she teaches. Second is their motivation. What motivates teachers to teach? Third- is experience: Does the teacher need professional development of not.
The learners- how much effort do they put in?
The parents- how input do they contribute. Are they involved? At what level are they involved.
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Factors influencing learing are factors make a person want 2 learn or does not want 2 learn
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Learning is a lifelong process, in which we can acquired it through our daily life experience.learning can me in the four walls classroom,or through any experience that we meet in our daily life,for instances an old man can acquired learning experiences through his sickness that he met in his life.

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