What Are The Factors Affecting Curriculum Planning?


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Many factors affect curriculum planning, some of these include politics, computer technology, the economy and religion and culture:
  • Changes in government or political strategies and policies affect the planning of appropriate curriculum. Curriculum in schools and colleges needs to be approved and meet the standards of the state. In addition, educational institutes require funding from the government in order to have the right supplies and appropriate learning materials.
Computer Technology
  • Due to the huge impact that technology has over society, it is also a factor that can affect the school curriculum as a lot more lessons are being taught using computer programs. A lot of learning centers use computer technology to help children interact and learn new skills. This is one of the major, and most changing, factors that can affect curriculum in educational institutes.
The Economy
  • The state of the economy will affect the curriculum and schools as a whole because if there is a dip in the economy, cuts may be made by the government with regards to schools. The recent recession is a major reason why school facilities and parts of the curriculum could be cut as there is not enough money to keep up with all a particular school's needs.
Religion and Culture
  • It is very important to consider the range of students that will be attending the school or college when planning the curriculum. Due to the diverse cultures and religions that attend educational institutions, it is important to consider whether the curriculum could offend their views or ways of living.
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other factors that influences curriculum planning are:- Nature of the society, Teachers of the society, The Learners, etc

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