In The Last Decade What Social Movements Have Been Noted In The United States? What Implications Have These Movements Had On Today's Culture?


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The United States has shifted quite liberally in the past 10 years, but it wasn't entirely that way at first. In 2001 the world saw Al Qaeda hijack three jumbo jets and crash two of them into the World Trade Centers in New York, killing around 3,000 people. As a result, U.S. President George W. Bush declared there would be a War on Terror.

  • The War on Terror
Britain, the closest ally to the U.S., got on board with America, and together there were the systematic invasions of Afghanistan in the pursuit of Al Qaeda and the Taliban and Iraq, to depose Saddam Hussein, under claims of weapons of mass destruction.

The social movement comes in two forms here. Firstly, the war in Afghanistan is still ongoing. Troop withdrawals are happening finally, but this is 10 years after the initial invasion. In Iraq, it was conceded there was no evidence of biological or chemical weaponry. Iraq was also in turmoil, split between three ethnic groups, and required years of troops on the ground. The U.S. Public lost faith in the government and so despite the tragedy of 9/11, a large anti-war movement began to form; arguing that the U.S. Couldn't afford two long term wars, and that the conflict was for the wrong reasons.

  • Hurricane Katrina
In 2005, in the middle of all this, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico; specifically hitting New Orleans head on, but the surrounding areas too. 1,836 people died from the hurricane and its effects. It is classed as one of the five deadliest hurricanes to ever have occurred. The communities there, especially the poor, black community, was devastated. Homes and businesses were lost. Lives were lost.

These homes and businesses are still lost. At the time there was mass outcry at the slow response to defend New Orleans with the hurricane approaching, and then the subsequent failure by the government to assist those worst hit. The black community was left isolated and hopeless and the people felt a large sense of guilt at the fact more was not being done to help.

  • Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama is the first black President of the United States of America. The change here is so important. The Democrats, and arguably the global community, were keen to see a change from the stern global stance to a more open one. Obama stood for that. He also stood for the marginalized poor blacks and latinos, and for the younger population, and for a much more responsive approach to governance. Through a strong campaign using social networking, and being an impressive speaker, Obama beat Senator John McCain to become President.

  • Today
The United States has gone from being a country that is known for policing the world, to a country that now talks to the world and thinks before it acts. This highlights the social power that the public wield. In this age of ever increasing technology, the Internet and all the other communication tools have meant that people are more informed, they can educate themselves whenever they choose, and they can form fast and effective opposition to social change they don't approve of. Against a history of racism that has been fought hard against, the U.S. Elected a black man as president; proving itself to be able to elect based on policies and not to be afraid of progress.
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In the last decade gay rights have been given some of the freedom that they want. They still are fighting to have the same rights as a man and a woman. However, Biblical principles tells us that a woman comes from a man. And men should not be with men or women with women. It is immo rial and it is AGAINST JESUS>

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