Where Can I Read The Truth About Forever By Sarah Dessen Online For Free?


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It is near on impossible to read an entire book online for free without breaking the law, unless the writer themselves has declared that the book can be read for free without being illegal. However, there are many cheap alternatives to illegally downloading eBooks on piracy websites that are much less hassle and will provide you with much less guilt during your reading time.

Firstly, you can use a provider such as Amazon or iTunes to download eBooks which can be read either on your computer or laptop, or on a handheld device, such as Amazon's Kindle or the new iPad. This is rarely expensive unless the book you are requiring is hard to find or nearly out of print. It should only set you back a few pounds or dollars, depending on where you're buying from and where you live now. These eBooks can be read as many times as you please. Doing this will still help authors to gain profit from the work that they spent so long creating to share with the world. Surely, if you'd put such an amount of effort into writing a book as authors do, you would be upset to find that people were downloading it for free online.

Another quite simple option is to purchase the actual physical book. Books are incredibly cheap in this age, generally being sold for around the £5 mark at most. You need only pop into your local bookstore, enquire as to whether they have the book that you would like and if they don't, they can order it in for you. You can even order the book online or sites such as Amazon or eBay. Amazon generally has free delivery on its books and incredibly cheap prices.

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