What Is A Sentence For The Word Disarming?


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Holley Durham answered
Hi, a sentence using the word disarming could be the following:  She was so evil, her smile was disarming.  Disarming actually means "tending to ally suspicion or hostility, winning favor or confidence".  Hope this helps.
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Lisa michalski answered
She was so beautiful just sitting there,then she turned and looked at me,and her smile was disarming. This is one way I  would use this word.but the meaning of this word is to render  defenseless or harmless.So when I say her smile was disarming,I'm saying what I saw at that moment in her was harmless.
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Alishan Samdani answered
A sentence for the word "disarming", which means removing or lessing suspicions or fears is as follows.
"The task of disarming this financial power must be given priority."
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sherrie hunter answered
The gun toting burglar was disarmed and arrested by the police. The police tried disarming the violent crowd.

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