Explain Why Observations Are Important In Understanding And Supporting Development?


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Observations are a large part of development, especially in Initial Teacher Training on B.ED and PGCE courses in the UK.

Observations are based on the simple idea that you learn from what you are shown. Most pupils are given prior knowledge of what to look out for in the classroom behaviour management techniques, teaching techniques and a selection of other things. They then can observe this taking place in real life observations.

This goes as far as clarifying what the person has learned and also goes to show them the process of cause and effect. The cause of the children’s behaviour is the actions of the observed teacher, and the effect being how the children react to these actions.

This is done to cement the rational in the student’s mind of why things are being done. In many cases student teachers keep a log of what is going on and then can use it to consider how that would do or did in their own actions when teaching, this is called reflective teaching and is a very large part of some PGCE  and teaching  courses. This is a large factor of the support a student teacher will receive, as it clarifies things in their minds.

Support comes from teachers, books and research papers that students can read about certain techniques they have or will experience. May of these papers are reflective in nature and will clarify questions in the student’s mind as they will be the same questions asked by previous students or lecturers who wrote the papers.

As can be seen observing and witnessing what goes on is a very important part in understanding and supporting development as it offers a learning experience, an emphatic crutch and also allows students to see the cause and effect of certain techniques in action.
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Observations are important because we want to know the development of the child. If we observed the child we can  plan activity according the child's need. For child's holistic development we need to understand the child.'s individual needs .We can share the observation with parents and parents are first educatior of the child. They can give us important information about their child. Practioner should aware of child's abilities intersts and individual needs. Practitioner should  plan activities according the child's needs. To promote child's development aduld should share the infromation with other professionals.

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