Quadrangle That's Not A Parallelogram With Two Pairs Of Equal Sides. What Is It?


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Its a rhombus,( it's so of a tilted square looks like a parallelogram only that with this shape all sides are equal.
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A trapezoid is quadrangle (or quadrilateral) with one set of parallel sides.  Many mathematicians define a trapezoid to have only one set of parallel sides, which specifically excludes parallelograms.  Using this definition, an isosceles trapezoid is a quadrangle that has two sides that are equal, but is not a parallelogram.  I suspect this the answer to your question; however, I should note that most mathematicians allow one or both sets of sides to be parallel.  Using the latter definition, the isosceles trapezoid is not always, but it could be a parallelogram (similar to the way a rectangle is not always, but could be a square).
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