What Are The Disadvantages Of Being A Fashion Buyer?


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Though your project is finished, I want to say that the disadvantages of being a fashion buyer of  r women clothing is that you will not be able to save your money. 

You get addicted to always buying new fashion stuff like the latest trend in the market. Then, most fashion buyer are more compulsive and they don't think twice before purchasing such clothing that they desire.


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I've got a good friend who is fashion watcher, she told me that you need to buy sometimes before the trends. This can have negative consequences when the trend doesn't break through or it is a very short-lived trend. If you fashion store then buys lots of supply or makes contracts and it turns out to be nothing they can lose a lot of money especially in stock supplies. Because she work in a small town in Belgium (Torhout), we also try to watch the local trends. For example:  Lebeau Courally. This is a brand from Knokke she found, and because we were fast on it, we are one of the only shops in our neighbourhood who can/may promote it. So my advise is to also watch locally. 

Hope this helps

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You buy the wrong stuff & get fired
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Thanks,.....i need a little more info than that though...trying to finish my econ project and i cant really find anything for the drawbacks of the job

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