What Did The Victorians Do For Fun?


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Outdoor games
These changed with the seasons, children played with hoops, balls or tops. They also played marbles or alleys.
Sport became extremely popular in Victorian times. Traditional sports like football, cricket and boxing had been played for centuries but now they were given proper rules for the first time. The first Football Association (FA) Cup was played in 1871. This was when many football clubs were set up, ones like Aston Villa and Everton were set up by churches to attract more people to come to church. Others like Arsenal were set up by employers. Football was meant to keep people healthy and to encourage a sense of fair play. It wasn't that successful and free kicks (1877) and penalty kicks (1891) had to be brought in to clamp down on foul play.
English and Australian teams played their first cricket Test Match in England in 1880. W.G. Grace.
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Chess is the game played by Victorian for fun. Theatre, drama opera and music all were widely attended by the Victorians int heir era. Even Gambling, prostitution and drinking were at its peak. Read more about the victorian era's entertainment
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They used To Sit And Read Lollops
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They enjoyed music, theatre, sports. Swimming.

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