Can I Eat Own Sperm Cell?


5 Answers

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Anonymous answered
It is safe to eat, I have eaten my own a few times, it's ok, it kinda stings the back of my throat but I love my pre-cum!
Skaila Coleman Profile
Skaila Coleman answered
Well, why wouldn't it be? I'm not a man, but I know that just like you can drink your own blood, you should be able to drink your own sperm. Google it and see if I'm right.
Dolphin Lee Profile
Dolphin Lee answered
No, you can't. Eating sperm cell is not good.
Bobsey McBobsey Profile
Bobsey McBobsey answered
Of course, it has protein in it so its good for your teeth ;)
Harkiran Kaur Profile
Harkiran Kaur answered
Um, you can if you want to. But it will not taste very good. I wouldn't know because I'm not that stupid to do that. (No offense. I'm not calling you stupid or anything.)

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