What Is 1/3 Of 30,000 Dollars?


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1/3 of 30,000 dollars is 10,000 dollars.

This is a fairly straightforward fraction to work out as you simply divide the number by 3. Due to it being very easy numbers, you can easily calculate it in your head and deduce that 3 x 10,000 equals 30,000.

If you struggle with fractions then there are a few useful websites that have some pretty fun games that will aid your learning. You can play some fraction games for free at the following websites:

You should find the games enjoyable to play and it might be just what you need for fractions to start to sink in with you.

There are also lots of fraction converter websites that are great to check you do have the right answer. These sites can be found at:

Although it may be tempting to put in the number straight away to get your answer, you should really try and work it out yourself first. It will be a lot more beneficial in the long-run if you do and you should feel some pride for getting it right on your own.

If you are still struggling with fractions after trying the games and converters, then it is important to talk to your tutor. Tell them that you can't understand them and they are sure to give you extra help.

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