How Long Does It Take To Become A CNA?


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How long it takes to become a CNA (a Certified Nurses’ Assistant) is impossible, as you cannot pin-point exactly how long it will take an individual to complete the program.  Each program is unique to the state or country you’re enrolled in. Each school will have its own agenda and material to be completed in certain time frames.

Depending on where you enrol, the whole program including class room and clinic hours needed to become a CNA could vary between four and six weeks, or spread out through a whole semester, which could last up to five months or longer if you do it part time.

It also very much depends on the type of student you are. Some people will pick up things quicker and more easily than others, so one must be prepared to really get involved in the material to fully understand it so that you don’t have to repeat any sections which could result in a delay of finishing the program.

Once you have completed the program, it is also important to sell yourself as a competent CNA. Write up a carefully designed CV and list all your accomplishments and subject areas you studied. Although you may have finished the CNA program in a decent amount of time, to actually become employed as a working CNA could take longer. Again, this is based on not only how well you can present yourself, but also the country, or area where you are applying. Depending on the demand for CNAs, the process will vary accordingly.
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The training is usually 6 weeks to two months. A lot of nursing homes offer the course free to you, sometimes you even get paid to take it if you sign a contract for a year with their company. My PCT training I was paid for it, and I just has to sign saying I would stay with our company for a year, and if I did not stay then I would owe money for the course.
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My daughter had a class that was 2 months long, but it was offered through the nursing home where she already worked.
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The course ususally lasts for 100 - 120 hours depending on your state. Some training centers complete it in 2 weeks while others take up to 5 weeks.
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I want to know how long my pct class is going to take because we're suppose to be certified in ekg, phlebotomy, and cna. And they said it only takes 9 weeks but I figured that that was a short amount of time to complete three different certificaitions!! Spaz93 what certifications were obtained in your pct program?
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It normally takes at least four to six years for a student to be awarded with a collegiate degree.  Nursing assistant certification only requires a few months of one’s time and salary.

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