Does Anybody Know The Penn Foster Exam 00764600 (biology) Answers? Dont Answer If Youre Going To Tell Me To Do My Work


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I do not have the access or the authority to inform you of the answers for the biology paper in question. You can however download past papers from certain subjects.
· Past Papers: How to get them
In order to find the correct past paper you need to firstly access the web page as follows:
Type this into the address bar on your internet browser and you should come up with a page that asks for your login ID and password. Once logged in you should locate a section called 'My Courses' of which you should scroll down to the correct subject. Once you have located the right subject select the particular paper and you will have the option to download it.
· Guidance for Essay writing
It can be very difficult to write a decent essay, so you need to take each step at a time. The best thing to do is, depending on the title of your essay; jot down ideas that you already know. This may help you form a structure, which you can then develop with further research.
· Get Advice
Your teacher should have supplied you with relative essay guidelines, which will be very helpful to you. They will inform you on how to tackle the essay and give you tips on structure and outlines.
· Write everything down
It is important to write any little bit of information linked to your topic on a piece of paper. This is helpful because more ideas may stem from it. Also, outline your essay and state briefly what you are going to put in each paragraph or section. Also, it is important that you write out a draft copy and then read it over so you can notice any mistakes.

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