Can You Find The Truth Value Of The Attached Compound Statement? See Attached Picture.


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I can’t see the p in the required query. You
asked for this ~(qv ~r).
Symbol V "and" means that the circuit is on or the data will flow when the any one operand is true or "1".

Its truth table is very simple you will have 2^2= 4

q  r  ~r (qv ~r) ~(qv ~r)
1  1   0    1   0
1  0   1    1   0
0  1   0    0   1
0  0   1    1   0

The required answer is ~(~qv ~r) =  0 0 1 0
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If the truth value of the statement P is true and the truth value of Q and R are false, find the truth value of (p^r)->q
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Given p is false, q is true, and r is true, find the truth value of the statement (p V~q) ↔  ~r.

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