How Do You Draw Bubble Writing (Step-By-Step Pictures Please)?


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Bubble writing is actually really simple. Once you've learned the basics, you won't even have to draw in the original letters first!

Step 1: In pencil, write the word that you want to turn into bubble writing. Draw the letters as you normally would, but make them big and leave adequate spacing between them.

Step 2: Draw around the letters in pen, keeping the overall shape roughly the same.

Step 3: Erase the pencil lines, and you should be left with your word in bubble writing!
Step 4: This one is optional. You can color or shade your bubble writing, but if you're shading, imagine that the light is coming all from one direction - this way, your shading will be realistic.

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First you get some card or paper and just write the sentence.

Then just write around the letters so its a bubble

Now colour the outside of the letters a lighter colour and the dark in the middle.
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Well you get a piece of paper or card.
Then you draw your name to start with.
Say if it was michele then you write M I C H E L E.
In big letters, after that draw a little bubbly writing over the letters.
Then you rub out the letters with no bubble and their you go your bubble writing picture.
Then if you want to you can colour it in bright colours to stand out!

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