How Do You Draw A Graph?


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The first step to drawing a graph is to identify the variables. In this you need to get the independent variable, which moves on the X axis and is always to the left side of the data table. The next is the dependent variable, which moves along the Y axis and it is always to the right side of the data table.

The second step is to determining the variable range. Now in this step you need to subtract the lowest data value from the highest one. Each variable needs to be done separately. In the third step you need to determine the scale of the graph. Here you need to determine a scale, which most excellent fits the variety of every variable. Extend the graph to use MOST of the accessible space. The fourth step is number and labels each axis. This explains what data the lines on your graph represent. The fifth step is to plot the data points. In this step you will need to plot each value on the graph by marking a dot. The next step is to draw the graph and your last and final step is to title the graph.

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