How To Draw A Bar Graph?


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A bar graph is quite important in both maths and business so it is certainly worth learning how to create one. The basic premise of a bar graph involves two axes; these are the 'x' axis, and the 'y' axis. The x-axis always goes along the bottom and the y-axis goes up side. An easy to way remember this is 'along the hall and up the stairs', as x becomes before y in the alphabet, it can help knowing which axis goes where.

Once you have your axes drawn, you need to assign each one a variable, and their graduations, so for instance you could make a graph detailing the temperatures on each day of the week. In this case, Monday to Sunday would go along the x-axis so there would be seven graduations (and therefore seven bars) and temperature would go up the y-axis. How high and how accurately the y-axis is depends on the scale. If the hottest day of the week was 28 degrees C while the coldest was 22 degrees, it would not make sense for the y-axis to go from 0 to 100 degrees. Therefore a suitable scale in this case would be from 20 to 30 degrees C.

After you have decided your scales, starting from the bottom on the x-axis, for Monday, draw a line (or bar) up to the temperature for that day. Do this for all days of the week and you should be able to see how the temperatures varied easily.

That's it, a bar graph!

There are some great explanations and visual examples of bar graphs at the following websites:

If you are having difficulty understanding bar graphs then it is certainly worth informing your teacher. Although you may be reluctant to out of embarrassment it is better to get help at the earliest stage than sit on the problem until it comes around to revising for exams. If you learn it correctly from day one then you will find it a lot easier to remember.
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First you get a piece of paper ,next you draw some lines or blocks on the piece of paper, then you can either put some x's or you can either color the lines or blocks on your clean sheet of paper and your sheet of paper always make sure always always make sure that your sheet of paper is clean because you don't want to turn in a nasty sheet of paper and don't just check one time check like two or three times just to see if your paper is clean and after you do that than you can use it  and here's some advice:Don't be erasing so much because that will mess you up big time or completely so just be careful and don't forget this.
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Please state the stepwise rules of drawing bar graphs
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I need help how to do a bar graph
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To draw a bar graph, draw a straight line going down and then draw a straight line going right. Make sure the two lines intersect so that you can add the data. Draw a scale on the y - axis ( the line going down) and write in the colours ( we'll use this as an example)on the x- axis ( the bottom line). Let's say that there were 5 votes for red, you write red on the x- axis and go up your scale to 5. Once you reach five, draw a straight line going right ( the line must be on the scale) then draw back down to the x - axis. You have drawn one ' bar' hence called a bar chart.

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Please find the detailed step wise process to draw bar graphs. If you are new in making these graphs, the link will solve your problem.
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