How Do You Create Meaningful Graphs For Students Grades? What Kind Of Graphs Should You Create? Etc.


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Perhaps show the distribution of grades. If you do this there are a number of advantages;    a) students individual grades will not be show.  B) students, once they are issued with their own grade, will be able to see how they perform amongst their peers.  C) you will be able to see how successful the test was (were too many people getting high grades, was there an even distribution, etc)    what you would do,    x axis: Grade boundaries (i.e, first bar would be 0
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Thanks for the advice! OK with the bar graphs could I put the 3 subjects on the bottom of my graph with the students grades for each to show a comparison? I'm sorry but I have another question. It has to do with this as well. I Also need to create another 3 meaningful graphs other then the bar graph. They want other style graphs, representing it in other meaningful ways. How would I go about this and what kind of graphs would work best for this? Thanks again really appreciate it!
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Bar graph would be better choice. On y-axis, use grades and on x-axis , use name of each student... There would be around 3 kinds of such graphs for each subject.

Hope that helps.
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Ok I think Im following you. Thanks! Got another question you might be able to help me with. That was very helpful but I need to come up with 3 different styled graphs other then bar graphs. Also with the bar graphs could I put the subjects at the bottom with the students name comparing the 3 subjects scores for each student? If so how would I go about this? What other kinds of graphs could I use to compare the grades in another meaningful way?
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Sorry If I did not explain this well enough. I hope it makes sense.

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