What Are The Kinds Of Graph?


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In math, the term "graph" can have any of several meanings. The one elaborated here is the information graphic used to illustrate numeric or tabular data.

A graph is a means of visually representing data. Any means will do, and there is no requirement to choose one of the common types of graphs. A famous graph in unconventional style is Charles Minard's 1869 chart showing the losses in men, their movements, and the temperature of Napoleon's 1812 Russian campaign.

Conventionally, two-dimensional graph forms include these ...
  • line graph (and variations, including area charts)
  • bar graph
  • scatter plot
  • box and whisker plot
  • range plot
  • pie chart
  • radar (or spider) chart
  • cartograms
  • bubble charts
  • contour plots, contours indicated by lines or by color
Graph kinds are limited only by your imagination.

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