How Do I Graph Y=4x-3?


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On the grid paper, you want to go along the y-axis, the vertical line, down three from the origin, the middle, and mark a dot. From there, you need to go up four, and to the right one. Repeat this pattern, to get a line that goes diagonal and reaches the top right corner. To connect the line to the bottom left corner, reverse the pattern going down four and to the left one, starting at the dot that you marked at the -3. Connect all the dots you have marked, and that is how you graph : Y=4x-3
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Well the 4x is the slope so you put a 1 under turning it into 4x/1.... Now you go up in the graph up to number three put a point there, and then move up 4 and to the right put a point there1 :) done

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