Where Can I Read Rules Of Attraction Online For Free?


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There is no way to find a copy of Brett Easton Ellis' Gen-X novel, The Rules Of Attraction, without violating his publisher's copyright. In other words, if you read the entire novel online, for free, you are breaking the copyright and depriving the author and his publisher of their deserved royalties. You may be able to find samples of the novel at certain online websites, such as:

• Google Books - This excellent literary resource provides long samples of non-fiction and fiction works. In some cases, you can read up to a third of a novel without violating copyright. This website also contains helpful links that will assist you in choosing the right retailer, if you do decide to buy The Rules Of Attraction after enjoying the free sample. Most authors and publishers do participate in Google Books; however, there are exceptions. The website is always changing, but a simple visit and search of their archives will let you know if they are currently posting a sample of The Rules Of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis.
• Amazon - This gigantic online retailer sells millions of electronic books (e-books) and paperback and hardcover novels. Often, authors and publishers opt to use a feature, called "look inside" to let interested readers check out free samples of their novels or non-fiction works. Hitting a "surprise me" button inside the "look inside" feature will help you access even more free pages. It's also easy to find cheap, gently used copies of books on this site. You can even download e-books onto your home computer through the "Kindle for PC" feature; these e-books are often much less expensive than new paperback or hardcover novels.

If a free sample just isn't good enough, and you really want to read The Rules Of Attraction for free online, you'll have no trouble finding an illegal file-sharing site that features the novel. A simple search for the book title, plus words like free download, or torrent, should reveal some prime websites that violate copyright.
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