I Need A Project Idea For A 7th Grade Class. It Will Be Sold At Our Schools Annual Fundraising Auction.


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My sister in law does this all the time she takes a clear plastic spoon and dips the spoon portion in melted chocolate and then takes hot coco mix and puts them into sturdy clear plastic cups with the chocolate spoon tied around the side with ribbon.  It is rather inexpensive and is always a hot seller for her.
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How about taking those long pretzel Rods and dip them in white or dark chocolate, you could also add flavorings and food color for halloween, a couple drops of orange flavoring, and orange food coloring mixed with the white chocolate, then drizzle it over the pretzels, we made these with our 6th graders here and they were gone so fast and had people wanting to know if they could order some for christmas gifts (with mint flavoring)
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Caramel covered apples ,chocolate covered bananas on a stick,chocolate covered pretzels,cupcakes,giant chocolate chip cookies,a raffle for a donated item,a bingo game ran by the school for a night out on the town movie tickets/for a play/or basketball game/ or football game/or concert and dinner at a fancy restaurant...

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