What Is A Grade A Chicken?


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Making the grade – the A to E of food hygieneOur environmental health officers evaluate shops and eateries throughout the city, assessing the standard of premises, food handling and storage practices, cleanliness and staff training.There is an increased level of public awareness regarding food safety issues, and higher expectations of what is acceptable.The grades are assigned to food premises during a routine inspection of all food premises in the city and apply for four weeks for B and C graded premises and eight weeks for D and E graded premises, after which time proprietors can apply to be re-evaluatedSome food premises have a food safety programme in place approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA). These premises are exempt from being graded by North Shore City Council and are subject to regular audits by the NZFSA. These premises display an 'exempt' grade in our food grading search.What do the grades mean?GradeExplanationAHigh standard of food safety practicesBSatisfactory standard of food safety practicesCSome concerns about food safety practicesDSome serious concerns about food safety practicesESome critical concerns about food safety practices

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