How To Learn Answers Very Fast?


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Firstly enjoy watever you are studyin.say it to yourself-that 'I can do this'!then begin  by first reading the whole answer aloud underlining the 'important words' or 'important phrases' in an answer.then reread the answer line by line aloud and try to remember the answer by applying techniques like visualization,funny sounds can walk while studying if you find it more comfortable.basically have fun while studying an the process and see how quick your preparation will be done! :)
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To learn first?
It's not a great deal if you want to remember anything just you have to concentrate at you r subject you want to learn
First thing you must understand what you r studying don't just go on reading[ratta]
Then with calm mind just see the answer in a silent place try to understand what's there and you can use dictionary sor finding difficult words
just study for 2-3 hrs not more than that a day
you will see changes for sure
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If the answers are big then speak them loud and learn.  If small then do it your way! The best way for all types of answers is to understand them and so this helps good in learning!

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Just Read two times and speak them loud! Try to understand too

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