How Can I Learn About Making A Lesson Plan On IELTS Books And The Appropriate Curriculum?


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  IELTS is the abbreviation of International English Language Testing System. The test is designed to check proficiency in the English language. The test is carried out under the management of the University of Cambridge, the British Council and IDP, in Australia. The candidates attempting the IELTS examination are given the choice of exhibiting proficiency in either, Academic Module or General Training Module.

  The Academic Module is designed especially for candidates who aspire to enroll in institutions of higher education. The test is specifically mapped so that the candidates are better geared for the language challenges at the various universities. The General Training Module is directed at candidates who intend to use the test to bag immigration or jobs as non-academic trainers.

  In order to create a lesson plan for the IELS test, you can access grammar modules from various online and offline resources, based on whether you are attempting the Academic Module or the General Training Module. The test usually stresses on the ability to speak, read, understand and write the English language. The appropriate curriculum includes usage of vocabulary, parts of speech, expression and the general command on the language. The design checks to ensure that the candidate is able to apply the basics and communicate efficiently.

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