Where Can I Learn French In Africa? I Don't Have The Money To Spend On Lessons In France.


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There are several ways to learn French in any foreign land. The best ways to do it is contact an Alliance Francoise office and enroll yourself for French lessons. They are well known all over the world and are very credible sources to learn French. They also have various courses and one suit as per their convenience. If the budget is less and you can't afford too much then the next best way is to buy the various audio-video cds and DVDs by French experts.

This would be a small investment and you would also be able to learn French according to your schedules and convenience because one only has to listen to these cds and make a note of things. There are also several books that claim to do the same. You can also try and learn French by enlisting the help of someone who knows French and persuading them to assist you in learning the language.
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Another option is to take French classes over Skype. That would cost you much cheaper and get the job done. You can get an internationally recognised certificate by sitting for one of the French diploma exams such as DELF or DALF.

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I suggest you go to the Congo, where the people speak French.If you hear French every day and live among French speakers, you will pick it up.If not, you could, as priya says, get a dvd or video course.

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