Why Did The Electoral College Begin?


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According to Marc Schulman, there were two reasons for starting the Electoral college. The very first reason was the creation of a buffer between the selection of a president and the nation. Secondly, it was aimed to give some extra power to the small states.

A buffer was needed between the population and the selection of the president because the founders of Electoral college were afraid of direct elections of president. They were afraid that a tyrant can come to power by the manipulation of public opinion. Founders of Electoral college believed that manipulating the citizenry would not be possible under this college. Unfair advantage of bigger states was also aimed to be reduced after starting this college because Electoral college gave the same number of electoral votes.

All these reasons gave the basis for starting Electoral college.

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Thanks Amber. They also felt that the masses were not intelligent or educated enough..as written by Hamilton..and thus began...
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Yeah no doubt there were various other causes as well. I have talked from the perspective of Marc!

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